About Micah Dank

Micah Dank was born in 1983 in Oceanside New York. From a young age he had wanted to be a writer, coming from a family of writers. His father was a producer and radio news editor at CBS News in Manhattan and his grand father was a Producer at CBS News. When Dan Rather wrote his autobiography he listed Micah’s grandfather by name as the person he told at the news station about Kennedy’s death. Micah was an actor in high school and became interested in writing from his 12th grade English teacher Russell Reid. From there he majored in English at SUNY Albany and transferred down to CUNY Hunter College in Manhattan to earn his Bachelors degree in ‘Language Literature and criticism’.  It wasn’t until he moved to Boston for a new job that he became interested in all the esoteric sciences including just to name a few that can be found in his books Astronomy, astrology, astrotheology, out of body experiences, Akashic records, remote viewing, religions, capstones of the pyramids, secret societies and their secrets, channelers, dmt monitoring, lucid dreaming, acoustic levitation, Alzheimer’s, conspiracy theories, jet pack propulsion, physics, quantum physics, psychology, computer hacking, Antarctica, and spiritual guides. For the next 6 years he read 4 hours a day about them all and has interwoven all of them into a series of thrillers.